Survivor Advocacy Support Service (SASS) - City

The city Survivor Advocacy Support Service (City SASS) and Response to Complexity (R2C) service is for women who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse in Nottingham city. The service is funded to support women to help them sustain their accommodation, prevent homelessness and support with resettlement.

We also support women to go into refuge, find alternative safe accommodation and enrol in The Freedom Programme.

Our R2C Service is for women with complex needs such as domestic violence, mental health, drugs and alcohol. With this service, we work in a more holistic, creative way to support women who would ordinarily, go under the radar due to having additional barriers other than domestic abuse. For example, a survivor may approach the housing association, but due to being alcohol dependent, she may fall through the net because alcohol is seen before any of her other needs.

We have identified partners that we work very closely with. Some of these partners are already involved with the women that use the R2C service, which makes it easier for women to be settled in one place but receive support from the dedicated R2C worker and specialist alcohol support services.

What does your service do?

Provides crisis, resettlement and ongoing support to women in Nottingham city, this includes safety planning, sourcing safe housing, advocacy and referrals to other sources of support.

We empower women to realise that the abuse they experienced was not their fault.

Our main role is to support women around domestic abuse, but in addition, we will also advocate and support women to seek specialist support around immigration, welfare benefits, getting into education and employment, support around health and wellbeing, and drugs and alcohol.

Do you work with survivors?