Survivor Advocacy Support Service (SASS) - County


We provide a confidential service to survivors of domestic abuse who are living in an abusive relationship or who have left their abusive partner.

Our aim is to accompany a woman through her journey at a pace led by them. We offer a non-judgmental perspective and support, to give women back some of the control that may have been lost; we hope to guide women to rebuild their lives, their confidence and self-esteem through sensitively listening, advising and empowering.

Our one-to-one support programme can be tailored to meet the needs of women, we work flexibly to ensure the safety of the woman, by meeting in a place that suits them. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in areas around family, civil and criminal law, we provide safety and support planning and guidance in other areas that women may be struggling. We aim to ensure that we are able to signpost and make referrals to services outside our organisation that also may be able to assist through a woman’s journey.

We believe that all women should have a right to make their own choices and feel safe and free from abuse.

The areas we cover are:


Services we offer:

One-to-one support
Advice sessions
The Freedom Programme
Support for women with complex needs

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