Juno Women's Aid needs you. We are seeking to identify the #Notts500 - the 500 men in Nottingham who are willing to stand up and help protect the women in their local community by supporting us in our work and pledging £1 a month.

About the campaign

We're calling on the men of Nottingham to stand up against violence against women and girls. We know #NotAllMen inflict violence, but 1 in 4 women in the UK will experience abuse at some point in her life and two women a week die at the hands of men - it's time to stand against silence and pledge to speak up and condemn violent and oppressive behaviour.

This campaign is being launched as national soul-searching continues following the death of Sarah Everard, an outcry of sexual abuse and harassment in schools, and the unprecedented conversations around the daily abuse and harassment faced by women and girls across the UK. In response, many men continue to stand in solidarity and want to help turn a corner on this everyday abuse. Juno Women’s Aid wants to help enable men in Nottingham to learn more about domestic abuse and contribute to the vital services that tackle it.

We're asking men in Nottingham to:

  1. LEARN - about how violence and abuse affects women and girls daily
  2. SHARE - information online, with friends, family, and work colleagues
  3. ACT - have difficult conversations, challenge the actions of others, and donate £1 a month to Juno to ensure our services are there for women, children and teenagers when they need us the most

By donating £1 a month, you'll help fund vital support services for women, children, and teenagers fleeing abusive relationships in Nottingham. Your donation will help fund female advisors on the 24-hour Helpline, emergency Refuge accommodation support staff, foster homes for family pets and so much more.

The importance of taking action now

The Coronavirus pandemic brought with it a looming shadow of violence against women and girls. So far this year, at least 107 women have died at the hands of men* (or where a man is the principal suspect) and calls to Juno's Helpline increased, on average, by 58% in 2020 in comparison to the year before; staff were working around the clock to provide extensive emotional and mental health support, as well as searching for emergency Refuge accommodation for women and their families attempting to flee abusive relationships.

On average, Nottinghamshire consistently records a higher rate of domestic abuse-related crimes than other areas in the East Midlands. The 2020 Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated that over 117,000 women living in Nottingham had experienced abuse since the age of 16. In addition, Nottinghamshire police recorded a 45.2% increase of domestic abuse-related crimes since 2017. These are pre-pandemic figures, which show no sign of slowing.

Juno Women's Aid is an organisation run by women for women, children, and teenagers. We have decades of localised expertise in supporting survivors live life free from abuse, but we need your help in continuing to advocate for those who have been silenced. In a post-pandemic reality, substantial cuts to funding are anticipated across the sector, so your ongoing support will be vital to ensure survivors of abuse continue to receive the help they deserve.


*Figure is correct at time of writing in June 2021

"Even as the CEO of a charity helping women who have been the victims of male violence, I believe #NotAllMen are abusers. I know there are many men out there who love their wives, their daughters, their sisters, and their mothers. Who believe in fairness and consent and the humanity of women. Who are disgusted and repelled by abusers and rapists. Who would welcome an opportunity to say #NotAllMen but are sensitive enough to understand that right now might not be the best time."

Yasmin Rehman, CEO of Juno Women's Aid

Support women, children, and teenagers in Nottingham by pledging £1 a month to your local domestic abuse charity.

We are a small charity with an online fundraising tool that is not sophisticated enough to allow £1 monthly donations. You can choose to donate £5 a month through the tool below, or set up a £1 standing order via online banking or by taking the below details into your local branch.

Reference code: Notts500
Account number: 43413868
Sort code: 30-96-18

Remember to add "Notts500" as a reference code or comment if you are able to donate. This helps us identify your donation as part of the campaign.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you continue to support the #Notts500 campaign. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact [email protected]



"Without Juno, I would either have been killed by my husband or have committed suicide. Juno has saved my life."

Survivor feedback

"Coming to Juno made me realise that I was/ had been living in an abusive relationship – they understood what was happening. I did not feel alone I felt supported which helped me cope with what was happening and take action to deal with it."

Survivor feedback

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