Juno Service Update – November National Lockdown

Juno service update uk lockdown

A national lockdown has been announced starting on Thursday, November 5, until December 2 following the rise of COVID-19 cases across the UK. In this blog post, we have outlined service updates and changes during this time and key messages from Juno. Take care and stay safe.


Key messages:

  1. If you are worried about yourself or someone you know, call our Helpline. If you’re unable to get through the first time, leave your name, your number and advise us on a safe time to call you back. If it’s unsafe for you to call, email [email protected]. If you are in immediate danger, call 999.
  2. The Silent Solution: In an emergency situation where you cannot speak, call 999, wait for the operator to speak and dial 55. This will alert the operator to your situation.
  3. To keep our Helpline available for survivors, we ask that professionals email [email protected] or call outside of working hours.


Service updates:

City Survivor Advocacy Support Service (SASS)


City Children and Teens Team (CATs)

  • The city children and teen’s service will continue to support children and young people in the safest way they can throughout the upcoming lockdown period. Whilst children remain at school, most schools are continuing to allow us access to support children and young people at this crucial time.
  • We continue to ensure that staff has access to PPE and complete risk assessments to ensure their safety and manage the risk of COVID-19.
  • We encourage colleagues to continue to refer children to our service, who may have witnessed domestic abuse.


Integrated Offender Management (IOM), Stalking and Teens

  • The IOM team continue to support women by offering telephone support, however, we will offer face-to-face support on request where it is safe to do so.
  • Self-referrals into the service can be made by calling the Helpline on 0808 800 0340.


County Support Advocacy Support Service (SASS)

  • We are able to continue to offer face-to-face support as required and will work with women to find the best way to do this safely and meet their needs.
  • Plans are continuing to run Freedom Programmes both in person and virtually.
  • We are closely monitoring the volume of referrals we are receiving into the service and are able to arrange an extra MARAC day if required.


County Children and Teens Team (CATs)

  • Work continues with children and young people in the county.
  • We really need schools and community venues to continue to allow us to use safe spaces for our vital work.



  • We are all working as usual on the Helpline, ready to answer calls from both professionals and women.
  • We are anticipating a surge in calls similar to that in the first lockdown, we will do all we can to meet the increasing demand.
  • Access to refuges across the country will be supported by the Helpline – women fleeing harm can leave their home and get refuge.


Pet Foster Project

  • The Pets Project will continue to operate in a COVID-19 safe way during the second national lockdown.
  • New pets can continue to be referred into the project to support any women/families that are fleeing by calling the Helpline.


Serenity and Zola

  • Juno’s refuge services will continue to operate as normal during the lockdown. We will continue to support the women and children in the refuge accommodation and admit women and children when we have spaces available. Referral pathways will remain the same (via Helpline for Zola refuge and directly to the Serenity team via referral form for the Serenity refuge).