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Cover Your Tracks Online

How to cover your tracks online.

If you are worried about someone knowing that you have visited this site, it is important that you follow these guidelines in order to stay safe.

An abuser can see that you have been online and what you have been looking at by clicking on the history button. All browsers will save your recent history searches including any images from websites visited. SAFE have created a quick ‘exit site’ button so the page will disappear but you will still need to delete your history.

Here is some information on how to delete your history depending on which browser you are using.

Internet Explorer

  • Go to the tools menu and select internet options. A general page will appear, under temporary internet files.
  • Click on delete cookies and press ok.
  • Click on delete files.
  • Put a tick in the box labelled delete all offline content and click ok.
  • Under history, click on clear history and press ok. Now look at the top of the window and click the content tab, select autocomplete and finally, clear forms.


  • Click on Tools and then Options
  • Click on Privacy.
  • Click on the Clear button next to Cache and Saved Form Information.


  • At the top right, click More .
  • Click History.
  • On the left, click Clear browsing data.
  • From the drop-down menu, select how much history you want to delete.
  • Check the boxes for the info you want  to clear, including “browsing history.”
  • Click Clear data.


  • Click the History tab, in the top menu.
  • Select “Clear History and Website Data…”
  • Click “Clear History.” Done.