Serenity is a dispersed refuge made up of six properties that are spread out throughout the community.

This particular refuge set-up means that women and families who may face challenges in shared accommodation because of their particular circumstances (such as being part of a large family who all need to flee, having adult children, or having a carer) can also access refuge.

Serenity's team consists of two refuge support workers, one team leader, and a children’s worker.

The refuge is run in partnership with the local council who provides the properties, which can house six women and up to 31 children. There are also cots available. The biggest property will house a woman and up to 8 children, but we also support single women. Three of the properties can also accept pets.

The team is available for face-to-face appointments and telephone support between 9.30 am – 6.00 pm on weekdays. There is also an emergency on-call worker available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Serenity, the team supports and empowers women to address issues such as safety, housing, benefits, debts, immigration, criminal, civil & family law, children and health. All women are supported to leave the refuge and re-settle themselves, and their families, into safe permanent accommodation thereafter.

In response to COVID-19

Juno’s refuge services will continue to operate as normal during the lockdown. We will continue to support the women and children in the refuge accommodation and admit women and children when we have spaces available.

To refer into the service, submit a referral form.

Juno's full service updates are available here.

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