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How collaborating with private sector experts is helping to combat financial abuse

EMPOWERING women survivors of domestic abuse to take charge of their own finances is a vitally important step as they seek to rebuild their lives.

That is why our team at Juno is so grateful to leading data, analytics and technology company Equifax UK for its invaluable support as our local charity partner in Nottingham in giving our staff a better understanding of financial issues so that they can in turn help those using our services.

This International Women’s Day, we want to highlight how a lack of independence and control over their finances is a huge source of worry for women and can be a barrier to escaping abusive relationships. This type of abuse can leave survivors facing high levels of debt and other money problems.

The current cost-of-living pressures have also been a major challenge. Our CEO Yasmin Rehman says: “People are coming to us with their financial pressures. We have women saying they are going to stay in the house with their abuser because they either own the house or the tenancy is in their name. Financial abuse can be part of the controlling behaviour of their perpetrator.”

Juno works in partnership with several private sector organisations and is looking to develop further relationships in the business community. It is grateful for the collaboration with Equifax to drive greater awareness of domestic and financial abuse.

Equifax’s financial experts have provided debt advice workshops to Juno staff, with a focus on building up ‘thin’ credit files and how to access support services. Future plans include assisting the women that Juno helps with their professional development such as interview skills and writing CVs.

Equifax has also:

  • Trained 12 service managers in credit scores and credit rebuild, debt awareness and budgeting to help women manage their finances better
  • Provided consultation and training for its frontline teams dealing with those facing financial abuse and domestic violence
  • Arranged a marketing workshop consultation to help Juno prioritise its limited time and budget
  • Organised fundraising events for the charity

“Juno Women’s Aid is doing vital work in the community to help tackle domestic abuse,” says Sue Owen-Bailey, social innovation and sustainability manager at Equifax UK.

“We hope that our partnership will make a positive difference by providing survivors with the skills and knowledge to get back on their feet, find jobs and regain their financial independence.”

In 2022-2023, Juno worked with 2,726 women, 472 children and young people, fostered 56 pets, and received nearly 16,000 calls on its helpline. It supports 500-600 women and children in Nottingham and south Nottinghamshire at any one time.

Yasmin adds: “We are so grateful to Equifax for its support for the services we offer – it will make a huge difference to women and their families.

“It would also be wonderful if other private sector businesses could join us, either through offering their services or by fundraising. Collaborating with people who are specialists in their field is proving to be a successful way to empower women to transform their lives.”