The Freedom Programme


Based on Pat Craven’s book, The Freedom Programme, our 10-week course proactively explores the behaviours we experience in current and/or former intimate relationships.

We learn the belief systems held by those who perpetrate. Such behaviours, as well as our own beliefs, collude to allow the abuse to continue.

Throughout the duration of the course, measures are put in place to ensure women feel safe coming to the venue and if they choose to, to share some of their own experiences.

Over the 10-weeks, many emotions are experienced. We have a lot of tissues as well as a lot of laughs. We learn to place the blame for the abuse at the abusers door and recognise how strong and skilled we are as survivors by each supporting one another through this valuable experience.

Towards the end of the course, we learn about the early warning signs of abusive behaviour to help identify potential perpetrators before we become emotionally entangled. This can help us to withdraw from such relationships.

Feedback from service users who have attended like, "I'm not the only one," and "I didn't realise there was a name for it," shows just how isolating these relationships can be.

The Freedom Programme is in partnership with local Family Centres. Our trained facilitators hold 10, two-hour, group sessions usually held during term time.

Am I in an abusive relationship?