Pet Foster Project

In a home where abuse is happening, pets are at real risk. Most refuges and hostels can’t take animals, but our Pet Foster Project can help.

The Pet Foster Project is a vital part of the jigsaw for women, providing a safe place for their pets to be housed temporarily so they can flee abuse and go into refuge or other emergency accommodation.

How does it work?

By fostering a family pet, you’ll provide a life-line to a family in need. Fostering can be for any length of time that suits you and if you’re going on holiday we can arrange cover. Food and vets bills are taken care of by the project and the family.

We know that perpetrators will use pets to control women and children in the home, threatening to, and hurting or killing their animals to maintain their control. Women have told us that being able to put their pets into fostering has meant they have been able to leave as they could never have left without their animal.

We work with animals across Nottinghamshire and also in parts of Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

Email us today or call 07971 337 264 to find out more.

Juno Women’s Aid is profoundly grateful to Tom Huffsmith and Conygar for choosing to support the Pet's Project, and to Ann Huffsmith for her incredible contributions to making the world a better place. Learn more here.